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Clean Vibes Trading Post, Inc is a North Carolina nonprofit entity with federal 501©3 tax exempt status.

To educate the public about environmental responsibility and stewardship, particularly in regards to solid waste management. Engage, Educate, Eliminate!

Clean Vibes Trading Post, Inc operates exchange centers at large outdoor events throughout the United States. The cans and bottles attendees collect become the “currency”, and the more recycling gathered, the more valuable items participants can “purchase.” In addition to recyclables participants can also collect cigarette butts to earn more “currency” while also diverting another stream of event waste. Providing event attendees with immediate rewards enables us to directly engage people in the clean up process, educate them about the importance of recycling and lessening as much of the event’s waste as possible from the landfill!

Our Story
In 2008, at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, TN, the Clean Vibes Trading Post worked with event promoters, artists, and environmentally conscious companies to create a system of incentives to motivate fans to participate in recycling efforts. Fans could turn in pieces of recycling into the Clean Vibes Trading Post booth, collect points for each recycling piece, and later redeem their points for “prizes.” Prizes consisted of donations by the event producers, artists, and other eco-friendly companies. Examples include small prizes, such as sunscreen, to large prizes, such as free tickets to future events. Fans were excited about the opportunity to help keep Bonnaroo clean while earning cool prizes. The project was popular and effective!

In 2013 Clean Vibes Trading Post incorporated cigarette butt waste diversion into its programming with the help of Terracycle. Cigarette waste collected by patrons at events is shipped to Teracycle, where the company recycles and upcycles the materials into consumer products.

In its 10th year of operation (2017) the Clean Vibes Trading Post engaged countless attendees to participate. Patrons collected 226,875 pieces of recycling and 97,500 cigarette butts at five events in 2017. As of January 2018, participants have diverted over 2.8 million pieces of recycling and over 1.3 million cigarette butts from landfills across the United States!!


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