Becoming a sponsor of the Clean Vibes Trading Post is an exciting way to
give back to the environment and support recycling education and waste
diversion efforts. We currently offer 5 levels of sponsorship. Each level
includes different assets and entitlements, which grow with each level.

For more information, please contact Project Coordinator, Mollie Herman, at

Our Sponsorship Packages
Clean and Green Donor (product donation only)
Righteous Recycler (product donation + $250)
($250 supports purchasing latex gloves, office supplies, or social media operations for one year)
Planet Protector (product donation + $500)
($500 supports the salary of one staff member for one event or a technology upgrade)
Landfill Eliminator (product donation + $2000)
($2000 supports purchasing recycling bags for one year or new promotional signage)
Sustainability Superhero (product donation + $5000)
($5000 supports operational and travel expenses for one year)

Package Information

Clean and Green (product donation only)
*All products are displayed at the Trading Post booth with logo visibility
*Promotion on the Clean Vibes Trading Post’s Facebook page and website, with links to sponsor’s pages when available.
*Rights to use any photos where the product is visible

Righteous Recycler (product donation + $250)
*Includes all assets/entitlement of Clean and Green
*Prominent logo visibility at Trading Post booth
*Short article about products/sponsor featured on the Clean Vibes Trading Post’s Facebook page and website
*Product-specific promotional campaign at events

Planet Protector (product donation + $500)
*Includes all assets/entitlements of Righteous Recycler
*Option to send representative(s) to one event

Landfill Eliminator (product donation + $2000)
*Includes all assets/entitlements of Planet Protector
*Co-Branding opportunities

Sustainability Super Hero (product donation + $5000)
*Includes all assets/entitlements of Landfill Eliminator
*Featured sponsor at all events
*Logo placement on Clean Vibes Trading Post equipment, where applicable/available
*Option to send representative(s) to all/any events